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Do you have a blog? How about a website? Do you want affordable hosting? Well, then you are at the right place. EWF HOSTING is here to provide you with your hosting solutions. We are able to host nearly everyone, even the huge websites. A good rule of thumb is if your site is not able to be viewed by a eight year old or if it crashes the server, it is not allowed. Otherwise, we only charge $3.40 on monthly automated billing, or $30 for an entire year!

That includes 1GB(more available upon request, may be subject to additional charge), and 100 GB of bandwidth. Not even our main site uses 100 GB of bandwidth, so just about any website will be able to work just fine. You can always reach us if you have any questions about hosting, or if necessary, you can always contact our upline hosting provider’s, Site 5. Their servers are built to rarely need maintenance, with many being online for more than six months before needing to be restarted. Your website will be online constantly, saving you from any potential problems.

To pay for hosting, just visit our pay page and join the dozens of other great websites hosted by EWF HOSTING.


Second off is my buddy Ryan Yaple, Ryan is a saint of a young man; who stepped into a rather bad situation a few years back, and basically gave me hosting for free. I am getting a check from Adsense soon here and I plan on giving him some of it. Thanks Ryan, you’re a saint man

- Chuck Adkins

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